Is It Time to Remove Your Tree?

A tree removal company will help you decide in the Eau Claire, Cornell, Rice Lake or Ladysmith, WI area

A tree on your property doesn't look quite right, but you're not sure why. Is the tree diseased, dead or dangerous?

You can get in touch with Tree APE Service to find out. We're a tree removal company based in Ladysmith, WI. We handle problem trees throughout the surrounding areas, including Cornell, Rice Lake and Eau Claire, WI.

Schedule an appointment today to discuss the condition of your tree. If you need tree removal service, you can count on us to deliver clean, safe results.

When should you remove your tree?

When should you remove your tree?

You should keep your tree in place if it’s healthy, it’s not a hazard and it’s not in the way of planned construction or landscaping projects. Unfortunately, some trees don’t meet these requirements.

You’ll likely need to remove a tree that is:

  • Diseased or dying
  • Leaning over your building
  • Obstructing construction or landscaping



In any of these cases, you can hire us for tree removal service right away. Our tree removal company will cut down the tree safely.